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Gilbert Colvin Primary School

Gilbert Colvin Maths Ambassadors

Our Gilbert Colvin Maths Ambassadors have the very important role of promoting their passion and love for maths throughout the school.

Woking closely with Mrs Twyford, our Maths Ambassadors will undertake some of the following responsibilities:

  • Run and manage whole school maths competitions and maths’ themed days (such as Number Day and National Numeracy Day)
  • Deliver presentations to the rest of the school about upcoming maths events
  • Support younger children with basic mathematical facts (times tables, number bonds etc.)
  • Help upkeep maths displays around the school
  • Write news reports of what is happening in maths at Gilbert Colvin for our school website


Let’s meet the Maths Ambassadors!

I am Ibrahim and I enjoy mathematics and computing. I am good at maths and use it in other subjects, such as computing or at home when I am cooking. I am really proud to be chosen as a Maths Ambassador.  I am looking forward to promoting maths across our school.

Hello, my name is Alexandra and I am proud to represent my school as a Maths Ambassador.  I love Maths and I like learning new things, such as calculating with decimals. I will do my best to help children remember their times tables. I also enjoy sketching and cooking at home.

Hello, my name is Aasiyah.  I am really passionate about maths.  I love using my brain to work out tricky maths problems.  I also enjoy practising my times tables, as it helps me to calculate efficiently. It is a great joy to be a Maths Ambassador because it gives me opportunities to do things I haven’t done before.  Outside of school, I like playing sports and riding my bike.

My name is Hassan and I am really passionate about Maths.  I think it is important to learn Maths because it is helpful in everyday life.  I feel proud to represent my school as a Maths Ambassador because I get the chance to help people with their maths learning.  Outside of school, I like playing football and spending time with my brothers.

I am Tanzil.  I am happy to have the privilege of being a Maths Ambassador because it’s a new experience.  I like to solve all sorts of Maths problems.  I am kind and I never give up if somebody needs help with their maths learning. Outside of school, I am a keen cricketer.

Hello, I am Ibnat and I love Maths. I also love yoga and reading.  I am proud to be a Maths Ambassador. I am a problem solver and I have a friendly nature.  I am also patient and encouraging.  This is useful when I am supporting children with their Maths learning.  I love to assist my peers and younger pupils, as it feels great to share my passion and knowledge of my favourite subject.