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Gilbert Colvin Primary School

Religious Education

At Gilbert Colvin Primary school, we believe that every child deserves an education which is exciting and which promotes diversity.

Our children are provided with a rich, high quality religious education which incorporates opportunities to visit places of worship, attend pop up festivals that are held at the school, engage in challenging discussions which enable them to experience a sense of excitement while helping them to develop respect and understanding of different religions and worldviews within their community.

We help children develop their understanding of a range of religions and world views by:

  • Exploring the way different people celebrate and why certain traditions are important to their belief.
  • Asking questions to deepen their understanding on religions and worldviews
  • Discussing similarities and differences between how people celebrate and different
  • Participating in challenging discussions and developing the skills and knowledge needed to be able to express their thoughts and opinions on religions and worldviews.

Y3 have been discussing the different parts of the Christian creation story and thinking about what it teaches us about the natural world.

Y5 have been learning about Islam. “I have learnt that a Hafiz is a person that learns the Qur’an by heart and recites it to others” Year 5 pupil

Y4 trip to the Hindu Mandir temple to learn about how people celebrate

Making Diwali cards at one of the school’s pop up festivals.

What our children think about Religious Education at Gilbert Colvin

“I like RE because I like learning about different religions” year 5 pupil

“I think RE is helpful because it teaches you a lot of things and is fun to learn. We love going on the school trips because we learn so many new things. We love learning about different religions because it is interesting.” Year 6 pupil

“I like RE because of the assemblies we do and because we learn about new things every lesson. I like RE because we learn about different religions and we learn about new things” Year 3 pupil

“I think RE is really important to get a bit smarter because you have discussions about all the stuff you need to know about religions. Assemblies are really important because they tell us stuff that we didn’t even know before and you can learn about other religions. I think it’s important to learn about each other’s religions so then you can understand about other people’s religions and you don’t just have to learn about your own.” Year 3 pupil