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Class 4B

Class 4B Classroom Team

Class Teacher

Miss A Berlyn

Learning Assistant

Ms P Ireland

Mrs A O'Sullivan





Class Charter

4B Class Charter(2)

Summer Term 2019

Varjak's visit to 4B!

Rights of a Child

Recently, 4B have been very interested in learning about their rights. They have studied the UN Rights of the Child and had some very in depth debates about their 'wants' and 'needs'.


Today 4B did two lots of gardening! This morning they weeded and cleared an area and then this afternoon they planted runner beans, cucumbers and carrots.

Computing in 4B

The children have been enjoying developing their computing skills by building lego models and programming them to move. There are some photos below, and a video showing a tipper truck in action!


Reading Outdoors

Class trip to Caterham High School


The Water Cycle

To end their Human Body learning this half term, the children did a science experiment over 4 days to investigate tooth decay. They used egg shells to represent the enamel and tested orange juice, Pepsi Max, water and milk...some of the results were shocking!

The children have been learning about the stages of the water cycle and how important water is to us and life on earth. They revised the differences between solids, liquids and gases before working up a sweat in the Water Cycle Aerobics! 

The children then wrote a scientific report about the water cycle in English lessons.

Trip to the Natural History Museum

4B enjoyed a busy visit to the National History Museum. They learnt all about the different teeth that mammals have and got to handle real skulls including that of a sheep, a baboon and a beaver! They also enjoyed lunch out in the sun and had a look around the interesting 'Human Body' area of the museum.


This half term the children in 4B have learnt how to cross stitch! This was especially fun as they have been reading a book called 'Stitch Head'. It was a real test of their patience, fine motor skills and attention to detail.

Maths - Gattegno Charts

This week the children in 4B have been using place value charts, Gattegno charts, bead strings and Dienes to make up their own games using decimal numbers. This has supported their problem solving and fluency skills.

Maths - Decimals

The children have started learning how to recognise and compare decimal numbers so they enjoyed playing this game - whoever has the highest decimal wins the cards! You can easily play this game at home too.

Re-enacting "Stitch Head"

Today 4B started reading 'Stitch Head' by Guy Bass. In groups they re-enacted the part of the story when Fulbert Freakfinder learns about Castle Grotteskew and the mad professor's creepy creations...

Spring Term 2019

World Book Day

4B really enjoyed dressing up as characters from Asterix in Britain for World Book Day 2019! They also enjoyed making this book bunting that is now up in our classroom and sharing books with children in class 1S.

Philosophy for Children (P4C)



Science - Forces

The children in 4B are learning about forces and motion this half term. This afternoon they learnt some key facts about Sir Isaac Newton and explored how to measure forces in Newtons (N) using a Newton metre.

Science - Air Resistance

This morning the children learnt about a type of friction called air resistance. They had fun outside playing with a parachute before coming in and exploring how to make, and test, their own parachutes in groups.

Maths Times Tables

The children have really been enjoying playing Times Tables Rockstars recently! Even in their lunch breaks, they are competing against each other to improve the speed of their times tables recall...I wonder who the first Rock Hero will be in 4B?


After learning about Gilbert Colvin's current value of optimism, 4B created their own 'positive hats' which are displayed around our classroom to remind us to be optimistic and positive at all times. The class also had a very thoughtful and interesting discussion about the question 'How does optimism make the world a better place?'

Maths - Fractions

4B have been learning all about fractions this week. This afternoon, they had lots of fun playing with different games and resources to recognise and show common equivalent fractions.


4B had a lot of fun watching a YouTube tutorial and learning to draw their new favourite hero - Asterix! It took a lot of patience and perseverance to follow the instructions carefully but this skill will really help the children when they write and draw their own page of a graphic novel next week.

The Romans

Wow! What a busy start to the Spring Term! 4B have really been getting stuck into their learning about the Romans and have been exploring lots about the Roman empire and how the Romans changed Britain.

Autumn Term 2018

Multiplication in 4B

4B have been working really hard in mathematics this week learning different strategies for multiplication. They have also got much quicker at recalling their times tables facts and are enjoying competing against each other in an online game called Hit The Button. At home, please continue to encourage your child to learn their times tables!

Trip to the Science Museum

4B really enjoyed a fun visit to the Science Museum and learnt lots about their light and sound topic!

4B Science Museum Trip.mp4

Children in Need

4B enjoyed wearing spotty clothes today to raise money for BBC Children in Need. The children also completed a reading activity and quiz to learn all about the history of Children in Need and found out that the first Children in Need appeal was in fact a radio broadcast on Christmas Day 90 years ago!



4B had lots of fun outside yesterday exploring shadows and how we can make our own shadows larger or smaller. 


The children in 4B had a brilliant time in a huge blow up dome on Monday! They learnt lots about light including how light travels, how rainbows are formed and how a glitter ball works.

The Firework Maker's Daughter

4B have started to read a book by Philip Pullman called The Firework Maker's Daughter. Here are some of the children retelling the beginning of the story.

4B had so much fun rehearsing and performing a small section of The Firework Maker's Daughter. This is the moment when two of the main characters, Lila and Rambashi, meet for the first time.

Trip to Hindu Mandir

4B enjoyed a sunny morning out to a Hindu Mandir today. After we arrived and took off our shoes, a lady told the children lots about Hinduism and what Hindus do when they go to a Mandir to worship.  She was also happy to answer lots of the children’s questions about the religion, their rituals and beliefs. On the journey back, the children spotted a church and a mosque and even had time to go via the park to collect conkers! What a busy morning!


This half term 4B have been learning all about Gilbert Colvin's value of resilience. To mark World Mental Health Day last Wednesday (10th October), the children had a big discussion about ways we can turn unhelpful, negative thoughts into more helpful, positive ones and how improving the way we think about challenges can help us become more resilient.

Chocolate Topic

We have been so busy having fun this week starting our new topic - Chocolate! We have been learning lots about chocolate packaging, began reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and loved listening to a poem called Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen - we even got a retweet from the poet himself!

To link with their learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, some children in 4B made some brilliant models of the wonderful rooms in Willy Wonka's factory for homework. 

They enjoyed sharing them with the class...some even had real sweets attached!


In mathematics, 4B have been learning about place value with four-digit numbers. They have been working really hard and gave short presentations to demonstrate how to regroup into the thousands column when adding 100 to a four-digit number. For example 5954 + 100 = 6054

Odd One Out?

4B had a great discussion about this question today!

There is no right or wrong answer but here are some of their ideas. Which do you think is the odd one out and why? A ballon, a flower or a spoon?

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