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Class 4A

Class 4A Classroom Team

Class Teacher

Ms S Afzal

Learning Assistant

Mrs J Panesar




4A Class Charter(1)

Museum of London Trip

Year four visited the Museum of London near St Paul’s Cathedral. We discovered how Londinium came to life and what daily life was like for Romans in the city 2,000 years ago. It was an enjoyable trip and the children saw some incredible artefacts.

We learnt how the Romans built the city where London now stands, bridging the Thames and creating Londinium. From around AD 50 to 410, this was the largest city in Britannia and a vital international port.

Did you know?

Roman London was the biggest city Britain would see for over a thousand years.
At its height, around AD 120, Londinium was home to about 45,000 people. It would not reach that size again until the 13th century.

Poetry - The Sound Collector

In year four, we have been looking at the poem The Sound Collector by Roger McGough.

We looked at the importance of sounds in our daily life. In the poem, McGough imagines a mysterious stranger one day collecting all the sounds that fill our lives and taking them away. The poem follows a simple rhyme scheme.

4A enjoyed performing these verses from the poem.

4A and 4S Video Conference Call with the British Museum

On Wednesday 15 January, both Y4 classes had a conference call with the British Museum. The focus of the session was to complete a Roman Britain treasure challenge.

Children thoroughly enjoyed having this interactive session in which they found out about the group of specialists who protect and display objects at the British Museum. They identified what was treasure and what was not. There were specific criteria used to make this judgement.

They learnt about the stages of making a discovery about objects and how an object finally ends up being displayed at the British Museum.

Year 4 Diwali Assembly

Year 4 celebrated Diwali with a colourful assembly. The children learnt how Hindus and Sikhs celebrate this festival of light and the important traditions that take place. We re-enacted the story of Rama and Sita and the triumph of good over evil. Year 4 had great fun in displaying their acting skills and using their best voices to retell this tale. In preparation the children produced intricate Rangoli patterns and cards to display in their class Assembly. Finally, we enjoyed choreographing our Indian dances and we were happy to show our great moves. The teachers were super proud of how hard the children had worked.

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