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School Council

The aims of the School Council are:

  • To develop the concepts of citizenship, democracy, fairness, rights and responsibilities of all children in the school;
  • To give children the opportunity to work considerately, fairly and cooperatively using democratic procedures to make and implement decisions in areas which effect their lives in school;
  • To give all children a means to express their views on issues in school which affect them – especially in terms of their learning;
  • To give children the opportunity to have an input on school policy.

School Councillors 2019 - 2020

Minutes of Meetings

The minutes of the School Council meetings are below, together with a behaviour consultation chart showing ways in which we can improve behiour in the school.

Behaviour Consultation October 2019(2)

Online Safety Assembly

The school council recently performed a fabulous assembly all about online safety!

They communicated this important message about our SMART rules to the whole school.

School Council visit to the Houses of Parliament in 2018

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