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Gilbert Colvin Primary School




Ms Liz Cohen Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Adam Endacott Deputy Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Neena Begum Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion Manager, SENDCo, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Mrs N Malik School Business Manager
Ms A Fasham Early Years Lead, Reception Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs A Vella  Key Stage 1 Lead, Early Reading/Phonics Lead
Ms R Wajchendler (maternity leave) Phase Leader Years 3 and 4, Science Lead
Mrs L Twyford Phase Leader Years 5 and 6, Maths Lead

Teaching Staff

Mrs P James / Ms K Cross Nursery Teachers
Ms A Fasham Reception Teacher
Miss J Nabi Reception Teacher
Mrs A Vella Year 1 Teacher
Ms N Rose Year 1 Teacher
Mr S Saunders Year 2 Teacher
Mrs P Barzey Year 2 Teacher
Ms R Wajchendler Year 3 Teacher
Ms A Greenaway Year 3 Teacher
Mrs R Patel Year 4 Teacher
Ms S Afzal  Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Razzaq Year 5 Teacher
Mrs L Twyford  Year 5 Teacher
Miss P Nanthakumar Year 5 Teacher
Ms S Morris   Year 6 Teacher
Ms E Turtington Year 6 Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, English Lead
Mr R Wilson PE Coach
Miss A Wilmot PE Coach

Support Staff

Miss H Collins Learning Support Assistant/ELSA
Mrs N Hare Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Ionel Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Ireland Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A O'Sullivan Learning Support Assistant/ELSA
Ms J Panesar Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Y Rashid Nursery Nurse
Mrs L Shone Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Austin Midday Assistant
Ms P Chowdhury Midday Assistant
Ms H Ferdoushi Midday Assistant
Ms C Handelaar Midday Assistant
Ms S Tadman Midday Assistant

Office Staff

Ms Z Hammond Office Manager
Mrs N Idris Deputy Office Manager (Finance Officer) 
Mrs R Williams Administrative Assistant (Welfare) 


Mr S Macro Site Manager